Cleaning Services

If standard hand car washes and cheap valeting companies have left you wanting more, gtr foam choose MP Auto Detailing to give your vehicle the service that it deserves. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own, paying attention to every aspect such as the door jams and inner wheels.

All of the products that MP Auto Detailing use have been thoroughly tested for durability and finish so that the end finish is something to be desired.

Maintenance clean (45mins - 1:15hrs)

Small Vehicle: £30   Medium: £35   Large: £40

Consisting of a full exterior wash, without the use of brushes. Hand dried with plush drying towels, tyres dressed, Glass internally and externally polished as well as a light vacuum of the vehicles interior and air freshener applied.

Full Exterior Deep Clean (1:30 - 2:30hrs)

Small Vehicle: £50   Medium: £55   Large: £60

Paying full attention to all aspects of the exterior. All body work washed including door shuts, Tar removal if required, Arches cleaned and dressed, Full deep wheel clean including wheel inners. All bodywork hand polished and then waxed to give a long lasting durable shine and protection.

Full Interior Deep Clean (1:45 - 2:30hrs)

Small Vehicle: £45   Medium: £50   Large: £55 (Any Vehicles that are extremely dirty will incur an extra charge)

This service is a specific interior deep clean consisting of all carpets and mats cleaned. Seats cleaned and treated, full thorough vacuum. Interior and exterior glass polished, Full dusting, Pedals cleaned and dressed. Air Freshener applied (Please note we do not clean sick, excrement or any other body fluids)

Full Vehicle Deep Clean (3hrs - 4hrs)

Small Vehicle: £75   Medium: £85   Large: £95 (Any Vehicles that are extremely dirty will incur an extra charge)

Consisting of the Full exterior and interior deep clean described above.


Upgrades Available

Premium Dodo Juice hard carnauba wax layer applied £25
Twelve month Fusso99 wax (carnauba wax) £30
Engine Bay Cleaned and Dressed £30
Glass Repellent applied £30
Convertible Roof Clean & Protect £100
Fabric and Leather Interior Protection £50