Detailing Services

MP Auto Detailing offers a variety of detailing services that no valeting company can offer, due to the knowledge we have in selecting the best products for whatever job is required. We also have the latest equipment and products available so that an unrivalled finish can be produced. These include Paint a Thickness Gauge for the optimum finish, and over 20 different varieties of polishes and 15 waxes costing up to £500 a tub for the ultimate in finish and durability. MP Auto Detailing are one of only 40 detailing companies in the UK that are authorised Dodo Juice detailers. We have to meet strict criteria and work to very high standards to achieve this, and so are justifiably proud of it. We are also being Autoglym trained and approved.

Paint a Thickness Gauge in use

This detail encompasses numerous major tasks in order to provide protection to the paint and other areas of the vehicle such as alloy wheels, glass and other areas. This detail has been specifically designed in order for protection to be offered which can last up to 6 months.

  • Firstly the vehicle is rinsed and then using water foaming wash in order to remove dirt and debris from the bodywork, wheels and arches.
  • The wheels are now cleaned using a specific acid-free wheel cleaning agent in order for the wheels to look their best.
  • The vehicle is then rinsed and washed again using the 2BM (2 Bucket Method) one bucket with shampoo and one with clean water so that dirt is not washed from the bucket onto the bodywork.
  • The vehicle is then hand dried using plush microfibers.
  • We then clay the bodywork to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as tar and tree sap, which leaves these surfaces feeling perfectly smooth.
  • The next step is then for the car to be polished in order to mask any minor defects such as minor swirl marks and light scratches as well as to enhance gloss and the readiness for the application of the sealant or wax.
  • Then two coats of high quality wax or sealant are applied to the bodywork, this not only enhances the appearance of the paint but as well provides protection to the paint for up to six months at a time.
  • We then finish the exterior detail by sealing the wheels which provides protection from brake dust and other elements as well as dressing the tyres, arches and engine bay and polishing the exhaust tips (if applicable).
  • Finally we clean, dress and vacuum the interior.

The entire procedure takes around 6 hours and can usually be completed within one day

For large 4x4 vehicles it typically takes an additional 2 hours and will cost an additional £40

Ferrari V GTR roof

The purpose of this detail is to have your car looking at its best before sale. The emphasis is on attention to detail and getting the best possible finish. This enables the vehicle to become more attractive to buyers therefore increasing saleability and potential value.

  • Wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner
  • Wheel arches hand cleaned & dressed
  • Tyres cleaned & dressed
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Foaming of the paintwork to loosen dirt
  • Multi stage wash using 2 buckets & grit guards
  • Tar deposits removed
  • Clay bar decontamination of paintwork to remove bonded contaminants
  • Dried with super plush microfibre drying towels
  • This brings to an end the wash stage. The paintwork is now super clean
  • Paintwork hand polished to increase the gloss of the paint. This also helps to mask and fill in swirl marks and light scratches
  • Dodo Juice Supernatural (a top end wax costing up to £100 per 200ml pot) carnauba wax applied as standard
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Wheel wax applied to alloys
  • Exterior plastics dressed
  • Glass cleaned inside & out
  • Wax buffed off
  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed & plastics cleaned
  • Final check of paintwork
  • Red Mist applied to paint(wax enhancer and sealant) which gives that extra gloss finish
  • Engine bay dressed


Specifically designed to provide the best base for the start of your vehicles life so that it can be easily maintained and still retain that new car look and feel.

After a full decontamination process removing any contaminants your car may have picked up it is then sealed with a long term polymer sealant which not only protects your vehicles paintwork from the harsh elements, it also makes it easier to clean in the future.  For extra protection and even more gloss to the paintwork a layer of premium carnauba wax is applied, left to cure and then buffed off. The Alloy Wheels are also treated with a layer of polymer sealant as well as all external glass, leaving all aspects of the exterior protected.

The interior of the car also is thoroughly protected with all fabrics being treated with a nano coating which leaves the texture and appearance of the fabric unaffected but the likes of wine, coffee etc. simply rolls off the surface and can be wiped away with a damp cloth with zero staining. Any Leather is also treated with a Leather Guard which greatly reduces instances of wear through on prone areas of leather.

Upgrade the exterior paint and wheel sealants to a crystal ceramic coating which lasts up to 3 years for only £95 extra

This full detail is to increase the paintwork's depth and gloss, making this detail suitable for those that want a significant improvement on a vehicle's finish. This is done by a single stage machine polish which is then topped by a premium wax providing a long lasting durability to the finish.

Aston Martin DB9 Bumper, left hand side corrected
  • Wheels cleaned, front, back and inside, with 'none acidic' wheel cleaner
  • Wheel arches cleaned by hand and protected
  • Full paintwork decontamination with clay, to remove bonded contaminants
  • Hand dried using ultra soft microfibre towels
  • Paint thickness measured using electronic coating gauge
  • Full documentation of paint thicknesses and condition
  • Paintwork Burnishing via machine polisher with glazing oils for the ultimate finish
  • Paintwork cleansed with pre-wax treatment (lime prime)  to aid the bonding of wax
  • Super-premium high carnauba wax applied to all painted surfaces, OR
  • Professional grade paint sealant applied to all paint work
  • Chrome and stainless steel trim cleaned and polished
  • Wheels waxed with wax/sealant coating
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber preserver
  • Windows cleaned and polished, inside and out

Time taken 7-9 hours

Paintwork Correction - top half has been corrected

Paintwork Correction Services

These details focus upon the improvement of paintwork condition. This is done by the removal of fine scratches, swirls, etching and paint defects, all of which can be caused by commercial car washes and poor washing technique - e.g. brushes, brittles and grit etc in sponges. These details are suited to new and used vehicles that suffer from defects in the paintwork finish.


Super-premium carnauba wax used for protection. Provides a long lasting and durable shine

A service specifically catering for the customer that wants to see significant improvement within the appearance of their paintwork without having to go to the extent of a Full Paintwork Correction Detail.

After a full thorough 15 stage wash over all, the vehicle = is removed of any tar, iron and fall out contaminants then clayed to leave the perfect base to enhance and remove defects within the paintwork.

A two stage machine correction approach is taken where the first stage removes a good percentage of the paintwork defects (Swirl Marks, Light scratches, etching etc) and then the second stage refines and provides that high gloss finish.

The vehicle is dusted down to remove any polishing dust and then given a layer of sealant or wax depending upon the owner’s preference to provide great protection to help protect the vehicles new finish.

Include an Interior Deep Clean to this service from just £30 extra.

Upgrade the exterior paint and wheel sealants to a crystal ceramic coating which lasts up to 3 years for only £95 extra.